Beyond Bionic - Peregrine Falcon

  BBC   2018

Bear Grylls Survival School

  Potato and Bear Grylls Ventures/ITV 2016

The Furchester Hotel

  BBC/Sesame Street   2014

Six Nations Greatest Moments

BBC   2015

The Reformation - Key Stage 3

BBC   2012

The Normans

BBC   2010

Dog Star Days

  Short film   Dir. Dermot Canterbury   2014

Serious Explorers: Raleigh

BBC   2011

Crazy About One Direction

Mentorn Media/Channel 4   2013

Britain in Bed

BBC   2012

Hacker Time

BBC   2013

Traffic Cops

Mentorn Media/BBC   2014

A Very British Appeal: 50 Years of the DEC

Mentorn Media/ITV   2013

Show Me Show Me

BBC   2013

Inside My Mind

Pioneer Productions/BBC   2013

The Sex Testers

Firecracker Films/Channel 4   2017

Blue Peter: Helen's Polar Challenge

BBC   2012

The World's Most Photographed: Marilyn Monroe

BBC   2004