Older dubbing mixer credits


Children's   Producer /Series Producer  Production Company /Broadcaster
Crisis Control 2008 -09
Andy Scott
Gimme a Break 2009 Jessica Wilson BBC
Green Balloon Club 2008 -09 Clare Bradley BBC
Hotel Trubble 2008 -09 John Pocock BBC
Jump Nation 2009 Ian France BBC
My Almost Famous Family Interactive 2009 Griff Rowland BBC
Skate Nation 2009 Ian France, Kate Maddigan BBC
Help! Teach is Coming to Stay 2008 Mandy Morris BBC
Newsround Special: Knives 2008 Kez Margrie BBC
Serious Ocean 2008 Marshall Corwin BBC
Smart 2006 -08 Anne Dixon, Geoff Coward, Hugh Lawton BBC
The Pod  2008 Anne Dixon, Leo Morgan BBC
Angellica Time Traveller 2007 Kez Margrie BBC
Do Something Different 2007 Clare Beavis, Coral Lawson BBC
Serious Andes 2007 Marshall Corwin BBC
Beat the Boss 2006 Gillian Scothern BBC
CBeebies Autumn Watch 2006 Clare Bradley BBC
Level Up 2006 Carolyn Clancy BBC
Serious Amazon 2006 Marshall Corwin BBC
Only in America 2005 Carolyn Clancy BBC
Nelly Nut 2003 -04 Geoff Coward BBC
Serious Arctic 2004 Marshall Corwin BBC
Friends International 2002 -03 Kelsey Geekie BBC
Serious Desert 2003 Marshall Corwin BBC
Storymakers 2001 -03 Clare Bradley , Tony Reed BBC
Serious Jungle 2002 Marshall Corwin BBC
DIY TV 2001 Gillian Scothern BBC
Newsround 2001   BBC
Trading Places 2001 Linda Ross, Marshall Corwin BBC
Space Detectives 2000 Paul Shuttleworth BBC
Documentaries and Factual    
Children's Emergency 2009 Shaun Gilmartin September Films /BBC
Upgrade Me 2009 Jeremy Monblat BBC
See Hear 2004 -09   BBC
Children's TV on Trial 2007
Rosie Schellenberg
Dog Borstal 2006 -07 Gillian Scothern, Jacqui Wilson BBC
Dog Borstal Unleashed 2007 Jacqui Wilson BBC
Ever Wondered About Food 2005 -07 Gillian Scothern BBC
The Money Programme 2007 Michael Tuft BBC
The One Show 2007   BBC
Death Detective 2006 Audrey Neil BBC
Kenneth Williams in his own Words 2006 John Mullen BBC
Medical Mavericks 2006 Claudine King-Dabbs BBC
Trauma 2003 -06 Alison Gregory, Kate Shiers, Michael Tuft BBC
Little Angels 2004 -05 Sacha Baveystock, Clare Beavis, Blue Ryan BBC
Teen Angels 2005 Sacha Baveystock BBC
Breast Cancer - The Operation 2004 Lisa MacHale BBC
What the Ancients Did for Us 2004 Ian Potts BBC
Gardening With the Experts 2003   BBC
Hollywood Science 2003 Gillian Scothern BBC
Innovation Nation 2003 Kate Beetham, Claudia Lewis BBC
Tomorrow's World Roadshow 2003   BBC
2002   BBC
Surprize Cafe 2009 Rick Platt BBC
Education and Learning    
What's so Funny About German?
Matthias Laeis BBC
The Teaching Awards 2007   BBC
Let's Write Non-Fiction 2004 Zoe Hodgkinson BBC
Snakes and Ladders 2003   BBC
2001 Robert Albury BBC
Eurovision: Jade's Story 2009 Ed Booth BBC
Almost Famous Again
Liam Carroll
Greek Uncovered 2008
Paul Giddings BBC
Happy Birthday BBC2 2004 Lucy Kenwright BBC
BBC New Comedy Awards 2003   BBC
Born to Win 2003 Gillian Scothern BBC
The Story of Absolutely Fabulous 2003 Samantha Peters BBC
The Story of Dr Who 2003 Clare Finnett BBC
Am I Good in Bed
2002   LWT
Children in Need 2009 Seren Beckett BBC
The Queen's Speech
2003 -07
Nick Vaughan-Barratt
Children's Party at the Palace 2006 Ben Warwick BBC
Crufts 2005 Neil Baldock BBC
Trooping the Colour
Catherine Stirk
Music and Arts    
Imagine - Akhram Khan
Clare Lockhart
Imagine - Richard Rogers 2008 James Nutt BBC
Imagine - Richard Serra 2008 Zoe Silver BBC
The Culture Show 2005 -07   BBC
Imagine - Amitabh Bachchan 2007 Clare Lockhart BBC
Imagine - Gilbert and George 2007 Chris Rodley BBC
Imagine - Louise Bourgeois 2007 Jill Nicholls BBC
1973 TV 2006 James Morton-Haworth BBC
A Digital Picture of Britain 2006   BBC
Imagine - Grassmarket 2006 Clare Lockhart BBC
Imagine - Sweet Home New Orleans 2006 Jill Nicholls BBC
Imagine - www.herecomeseverybody.com 2006 Zoe Silver BBC
Imagine - Tall Towers 2005 Roger Parsons BBC
Rolf on Art 2003 -05 Tina Fletcher BBC
Blood on the Turntable 2004 Bill Grist BBC
The World's Most Photographed 2004 Chris Granlund BBC
2002 Simon Chu BBC
Promotions and Trails    
For BBC; BBC Worldwide; Flextech; 2006 -11
 Virgin Media; UKTV      
Final Score Titles 2002